Feiyu-Tech SPG


For those of you who don’t own an action camera or don’t like lugging around a DSLR when on holiday or out and about, Feiyu-Tech also have a smart phone gimbal – the SPG.

Today we are adding another review to our Gimbal Series – we’ve looked at the wearable WG2, the handheld and splash-proof G5, the mighty A2000 for DSLRs and now the SPG – a splash-proof 3-axis stabilising gimbal for smartphones.


Feiyu-Tech a2000


We’re taking it up a notch in the stabilising gimbals department as we’ve tested out the Feiyu-Tech a2000 – a 3-axis stabilising gimbal for mirrorless cameras or DSLRs up to 2kg! What a beast this gimbal is!

Synology DS216play – DSM


This post is a follow-up to the Synology DS216play review.  There is so much to talk about with regards to the Disk Station Manager (DSM) that we felt like it required it’s own post.

Feiyu-Tech G5


A few weeks ago we wrote a review about the Feiyu-Tech WG2 – a wearable, waterproof stabilising gimbal.  Whilst being great for users who wanted to wear or mount their gimbals, it wasn’t the best device for hand-held situations. That’s where the G5 comes in – a handheld, splash-proof gimbal with integrated joystick.