Taotronics Bluetooth Speaker TT-SK05

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Need a High-Fidelity Bluetooth speaker that is the size of a coffee cup and costs only twice as much as a cappuccino? Taotronics have what you’re looking for!  Their latest, small size, small cost Bluetooth speaker packs a punch that I would never have imagined out of device so small.

First Impressions

TaotTronics TT-SK05 Size

This thing tiny! With a base measuring at 63mm x 63mm thats less than a Visa card! You can nearly throw this thing in your pocket its so small…OK, I might be exaggerating.  But it will fit into your car’s cup holder.  Apart from the size, the gadget is sleek, smooth and well designed.


So what does it do?

TTSK-02 connected to iPhone

Let me counter that question.  What doesn’t it do? It has Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP profiling and a 3.5mm AUX jack as input sources. It has a micro USB port for charging and a ‘control wheel’ for answering phone calls, increasing / decreasing the volume and switching tracks.

A colour LED ring towards the top shows you the device’s status, be it ‘ready-to-pair’ or ‘paired’.

Using it

…was a breeze.  I plugged it into my USB wall charger to make sure it was fully charged before I started testing.  Took about 30 minutes of charge, although it would usually take about 1.5 hours to 2 hours – but this came with some juice in it from the factory.  I opened my iPhone’s Bluetooth settings, found the TT-SK05 and paired immediately.  The whole process took less than a minute, but keep in mind that my iPhone 4S is dead slow.  I fired up the music app and started playing some of my favourite tracks.


The sound quality is sharp and loud, though lacking in the bass department, which is to be expected from a speaker so small.  The speaker kept on pumping music for well over 5 hours quite impressive for a 500mah battery considering that I kept it on the loudest volume setting.

Answering calls was also easy, and the caller had no trouble hearing my voice through the in-built microphone.


I keep on including this section for completeness’s sake.  I have yet to not recommend a Taotronics products.  They are, in general, good, genuine and most importantly well priced devices.  If you’re looking for a small and portable Bluetooth speaker then go ahead.  It’s worth it!


Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker by TaoTronics

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As I discussed in an earlier product review of mine TaoTronics seem to have understood that wireless is the way forward.  Now they upped the ante by creating a water resistant Bluetooth speaker.

First Impressions

Wet Water Resistant Speaker TT-SK03This device looks and feels great.  The speaker has a soft-touch finish that feels velvety.  A concentration of controls on the front make sure you don’t need to fiddle around to find buttons all over the device – just stick it onto your wall, make sure it’s facing the right way and you can control this device blindly – great for those of you who take off their glasses to have a shower or bath.  The buttons, as always, are satisfying to press  This ‘control panel’ also serves as indication about the device’s state, lighting up in blue or red.

Unlike the TT-SK02, the battery on this device (TT-SK03) is in-built and cannot be removed.  This is because the device is water resistant and having the battery removable would mean that another opening would need to be added.

The large suction cup at the back allows you to stick it safely onto any smooth surface without worrying that it might slide off.

Using it

Side Details TT-SK03Front Details TT-SK03










Using it couldn’t be simpler.  Turn it on by pressing and holding the Power button – this turns it on into ‘Pairing mode’.  Browse your Bluetooth player’s available connection and connect to the one called “TT-SK03” – no password should be required.  Pressing the ‘Pause/Resume’ button should automatically launch the default music app and start playing music.  The buttons on either side of the centre serve both as a ‘next / previous’ button and a ‘volume up / down’ – operated by a short or long press respectively.  An awesome feature is the ability to answer calls whilst in the shower – this speaker comes with an in-built microphone and a ‘Hands free button’ – pressing this one will answer the phone call, pressing and holding it will decline it.

A rubber cover on the side uncovers the charging port.  The cable required – a USB to DC jack – comes in the box.


Even though it’s quite small, the sound quality is astounding.  Combine that with (limited) bathroom echos and you’ve got yourself some bathroom surround sound! The audio has an acceptable amount of bass which is again amplified in a closed room.

It is good to keep in mind that this device is water resistant and not water proof. What this means is that it can take splashes but it cannot be submersed under water.


This product was sent to me to review by Taotronics. People always assume that since it was sent for free I would write a positive review.  That is not the case with my reviews – I genuinely like this product and have in fact used it nearly every day since it was sent to me over a month ago. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

TaoTronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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The obvious way forward nowadays seems to be simple.  Go Wireless.  And that is what TaoTronics has achieved so well with this product.  I am talking about their new product – the feature packed TaoTronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

First Impressions 71NFTq7pVAL TaoTronics seem to be investing money in design – after all, first impressions are the most lasting.  The box is well designed and everything has its own place where it fits perfectly.  The device has a soft-touch matte finish that gives it a classy feel.  The buttons are rubberized (not the nasty hard plastic) and are satisfying to push.

Using it

The battery comes separately packed and the user needs to fit it in himself. This helps preserve the products shelf life by preventing the battery from draining over time, which would damage it.  Opening the user manual on English showed some very clear instructions, not that many are needed, on how to connect to this speaker.  I went ahead and turned on Bluetooth on my iPhone, turned on the Speaker, and paired my phone to it.  Done in 30 seconds.  The speaker let out a deep-toned ‘Beep’ to let me know it was paired.  I fired up the iPod app and started playing music.  This is where I said to myself that I would keep playing music until the battery drained.  (Side note: I have at max 6 songs on my phone.)  I kept my phone in my pocket whilst doing some chores around the house and this little speaker kept playing for hours!  Good to note that this was on the charge that the battery came with.  I (obviously) got fed up of playing the same six songs so I gave up trying to drain it. Next step was trying out the NFC feature.  I dug out an old LG Nexus 4, turned on NFC and just touched it to the ‘N’ on the speaker.  10 seconds later I was playing an audio-book off it!


This is what I think impressed me most.  I am quite an audiophile (don’t think of extreme gold-plated cables – I’m more on the 320 kbps side of the spectrum).  This speaker, for it’s size, has  very good sound quality and a considerable amount of bass.  To say the least, it was satisfying to listen to whilst walking around the house.

Features 71XTnHCPGOL._SL1500_ As you can see from the image above this speaker has three ways it could play your music. For those of you who don’t have Bluetooth (you might want to consider this product) there is a 3.5mm Aux Connection and a Micro USB port (which doubles as a charging port). Three buttons at the top let you increase/decrease the volume and choose the next or previous song. An inbuilt microphone allows you to answer calls directly from the speaker.


Size: 16.8 x 4.1 x 5.1 cm Weight: Quite light, but feels solid. Battery:  Li-ion 1500mah (claimed to last 10 hours – I gave up testing before that) Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, 3.5mm Aux, Micro USB, NFC. Speakers: 2x 3W speakers


I am glad I own this speaker, you won’t regret buying it either.  Combine this with a RAVPower Dynamo power bank and you have music for days!  It will be handy when travelling due to it’s size and weight and quite an upgrade from my lousy iPhone speaker!