Ravpower Deluxe Series External Battery Packs

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RavPower have just released the new Deluxe Series.  Whilst very similar to the older series – in the sense that the product is essentially a portable battery pack – the deluxe series come with some added features.5136Yty5AbL._SL1000_

What’s new


RavPower already had great product design with the older series, take the Luster Mini for example, it was a decent power bank which incorporated an incredibly handy flashlight. With this new series they changed the way their power banks looks.  A sleeker, tougher case finished in a semi-gloss black or white colour.


iSmart has also been introduced in this series and if you care about your device’s battery health and require a fast charge, is the technology you didn’t know you needed.  iSmart automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device – outputting a maximum of 2.4A, which enough to charge a tablet.


I was very kindly sent two models to review, the RP-PB31 (7800mAh) and the RP-BP07 (10400mAh).

Capacity (mAh) No. of Outputs Current Output Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Charge Time (h) Status Lights
RP-PB31 7800 1 2.4A 95 x 63 x 20 281 8 h Yes
RP-BP07 10400 2 2.4A 140 x 55 x 22 340 12 h Yes


What’s in the Box?


  • 1x Power Bank
  • 1x Multilingual  Manual
  • 1x Micro USB charging cable

  • 1x Power Bank
  • 1x Multilingual Manual
  • 1x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1x Grey Fabric Case

As you noticed for some reason the RP-PB31 is missing the fabric case which I tend to use to protect the power bank from the light scratches and scuffs it could get from everyday use – but don’t let this deter you from getting it.


Both these products are extremely cheap to purchase so I would not think twice before buying either one, or both for that matter.  For the power users I would suggest the RP-BP07 since this carries the most juice and has two output ports – allowing you to charge two devices at once. For the casual ‘leave the power bank in the backpack for emergency’ users the RP-BP31 should suffice, although I would personally still go for the larger power bank unless physical size is an issue.  Carrying either product around shouldn’t be too much of a problem – the heaviest one, the RP-BP07, weighs only 340g.

What do you think?