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Whilst my wife and I were settling into our new home a thoughtful relative lent us the Trebs Duorange Citrus Juicer. We took this kind gesture with a pinch of salt; we’re both not big fans of having unnecessary appliances which seem to take up much of your kitchen’s storage space before you even begin to assign cupboards to you know, food. Of course we love fresh orange juice. Who doesn’t? No bottled juice, even the “100% orange with no added ingredients” kind tastes quite the same as freshly squeezed, cold orange juice.

Long story short? We used the juicer so often that we ordered one for ourselves soon after returning the one which was lent to us.

Trebs Duorange Juicer

This is one ingenious device. The most attractive feature about the Duorange is that there’s no need for a chopping board + knife. The juicer slices the orange inside the juicing compartment (which also means that all of the juice is saved) and there’s no mess created. Both halves of the orange are juiced simultaneously (whilst cutting the next orange in half) so the transition from having oranges to drinking the juice is incredibly quick and mess-free.

The juicing cones have little teeth on them to make sure that you get the most juice from each orange and every half is cleaned out until the peel is reached. We store our oranges in the fridge (just because cold juice is SO much tastier) and the motor on the Trebs Duorange juicer is certainly strong enough for this.

There’s only one design upgrade I’d make to this appliance were I to have any say in the matter. As it stands, the size of the juice compartment is somewhat average – when full, there’s enough juice to fill two glasses but I’d have preferred the possibility to keep on squeezing when friends are over without having to empty the container.


Trebs Duorange Juicer

Cleaning it is no hefty task so long as it’s done soon after using it and before anything begins to dry up. If I wish to wash it later on I simply leave in water. The whole top section detaches from the machine and can be submerged into a sink basin.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone – and I’m certain that were you to see it in action you’d need little convincing.

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