Kenwood 3-in-1 Blender


Having just moved into a new home with my wife, certain basic appliances needed to be purchased – and a blender was one of them. After having a look at what is available on the market we decided to go for the Kenwood BL237 3-in-1 Blender with Smoothie to Go.

What’s in the Box

Upon opening the box you’re presented with a colourful manual which includes a small number of smoothie recipes. Moving that and some packaging aside will reveal the rest of the components; the motor base, the Blending Jug, a Smoothie Mug and Mill.  The Smoothie Mug also comes with a screw on ‘To-Go’ lid that replaces the blending blades.

Kenwood Blender BL237


The Kenwood BL237 has a 350W motor which is strong enough for smoothies; yet it is not ideal for large loads which may not be as liquidy. The blender jug has 1L capacity – quite large compared to other blenders on the market and has convenient mL and cup markings on the side of the large jug as well as mL on the lid for smaller additions. The smoothie mug is also marked on the side in two levels; ‘Max Frozen’ and ‘Max Capacity’ which is 400mL. The mill isn’t marked but can take around 1.5 cups worth of volume.

What do we think?

After using the blender for a number of months we can safely say that we’re happy with our purchase and are glad that we did not spend more on the other appliances which we were considering before deciding which to one buy. The blender was used to blend a large strawberry haul (10kg – in portions) and it coped wonderfully. My wife also uses the mill frequently to grind nuts to top her smoothies or ice creams, and has even used it to turn granulated sugar into caster or icing sugar when baking.

Kenwood Blender BL237

The mill can also be used to grind coffee beans – avoiding the need to do it by hand or purchasing a separate appliance. This handy mill comes with a convenient plastic cap to keep the beans (nuts etc.) fresh if any leftovers are stored in it.

What we also loved about this blender is that all of the parts can be disassembled and washed; even the gaskets and washers can be removed easily. Furthermore, the blades can be screwed out from the bottom of the flasks, meaning that a bottle brush is never needed and there are no corners which are difficult to reach.


We would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a small multi-purpose blender.  The smoothie mug is a great and easy way to prepare a smoothie ‘to-go’ as the lid seals well and it fits in the cup holders of most cars.  All in all it’s another good product from Kenwood that has served us well so far.

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