Feiyu-Tech SPG


For those of you who don’t own an action camera or don’t like lugging around a DSLR when on holiday or out and about, Feiyu-Tech also have a smart phone gimbal – the SPG.

Today we are adding another review to our Gimbal Series – we’ve looked at the wearable WG2, the handheld and splash-proof G5, the mighty A2000 for DSLRs and now the SPG – a splash-proof 3-axis stabilising gimbal for smartphones.


What’s in the Box?

As the other Feiyu-Tech gimbals we have reviewed, the SPG also comes in a protective pouch – not just as packaging but also as a carry pouch. In the box you will also find a separately packed Li-ion battery, a micro USB cable and the standard manual and warrany card. Have a look at the unboxing and setup video below to see the items I listed above and the quality of packaging Feiyu-tech provide their customers with.


The SPG is capable of full 360° rotation on the panning axis and 320° on the tilting and rolling axes at a minimum rotation of 2°/s and 3°/s to a maximum of 75°/s and 150°/s on the tilting and panning axis respectively. It comes with a massive 3.7V 3000 mAh Lithium Ion battery which makes the gimbal last an incredible 8 hours before needing another charge. The SPG has the standard tripod mount 1/4 inch female thread hole at the bottom and at the back behind the joystick.  I would only suggest using this tripod mount with a strong extension arm, as the farther away the gimbal is from a stable point, the harder the motors have to work to keep stable – and the result may not always be the desired one.

It is compatible with iPhone from the iPhone 5 upwards or any other smartphones with the similar dimensions.

The SPG has a built-in joystick which can be used to control the direction the gimbal is aiming at, a function button which is used to iterate through the five different functions as well as power it on and off,  a trigger button which is used to temporarily enter locked mode, control in-app zoom as well as reset the panning axis and a Bluetooth Shutter button.

Using it

There are four modes the SPG can be in:

  • Panning mode: The SPG’s tilting and rolling axes are fixed whilst the panning axis smoothly follows the user’s hands.
  • Lock mode:  All axes are fixed to one direction wherever the user is.
  • Panning and Tilting mode: The SPG’s keeps a steady a horizon (rolling axis) but follows the user’s hands on the panning and tilting axes.
  • ‘Selfie’ mode: The gimbal rotates 180° on the panning axis to face the user.
  • Vertical mode: The gimbal rotates 90° on the rolling axis to allow the user to record vertically.

These are identical to the modes available on the G5, WG2 and DSLR with the exception that the Autorotation mode is missing on the SPG – but they make up for it by providing a whole new user experience is the Feiyu-On app.

Feiyu-On App

Feiyu-On is the mobile app which is available for both iPhone and Android. Upon launching the app and connecting to the SPG the user is presented with the camera view finder instead of the usual gimbal settings. This is where the SPG differs from the other gimbals – the ability to record whilst being in sync with the gimbal. Various options are made available to the user including:

  • Face Tracking – SPG automatically moves in any direction to following a person’s face
  • Panorama Mode – The joystick is used and the app will automaticall stitch a panorama together.
  • Focus and Zoom Adjust
  • Timelapse

The usual options to control motor dynamics and gimbal follow settings are also available.


If you’re a light traveller who loves to record videos on your phone, then the SPG is perfect gimbal for you. It provides all the functionality of any other gimbal with the extras that the Feiyu-On app provides.

After all, they do say that the best camera is the one in your pocket! By means of the SPG you will one up this statement by ensuring your footage is as smooth as it goes!



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