Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse


The gaming industry has boomed over the last few years; games are released every day and products related to gaming are released just as quickly. Of course different games require different products, and whilst some MMORPGs require a mouse with ten+ buttons, many FPS require a simple mouse with only two buttons – and the Razer Abyssus is just that.

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse 1

Since my previous mouse, a Razer Diamondback, stopped working properly after giving me a good nine years of service, my instinct was to choose another Razer.

A quick search for a new mouse on Amazon either showed ones which had too many buttons for my liking or else ones which were somewhat overpriced due to hyped up specifications regarding features which I have no need for. However, I then came across the Razer Abyssus (2014 model) which is a no-frills gaming mouse.  It has good resolution at 3500 dpi and 3 buttons (left, right and middle) – and nothing else.  Plain. Simple. Great.

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse 2

It is exceptionally well designed, offering an ambidextrous form factor (great for you lefties out there) and textured rubber grips on the side which allow your thumb and ring finger to grasp it safely without having to squeeze it.

The Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse is a good product offered at a good price and I would recommend it to anyone who likes simple products which are bought to last.

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