TaoTronics UV BlackLight

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You’d think a cat is a safe pet.  You’d think it loves you.  You realise it only loves you because you feed it, but that’s beyond the point.  Get a cat they said.  It is automatically litter trained they said.  They were wrong.

I got this new TaoTronics blacklight and boy was I let down…by my cat.  Let’s forget about that for now and concentrate on this device.

First Impressions

It looks just like any other normal flashlight, apart from the fact that it glows purple and emits UV light.  I must warn you at this point, for your own safety and those around you do not point this blacklight directly at your eyes, the eyes of anyone around you or of any pets, even if you start disliking them after buying this device…

Taotronics UV blacklight

It feels sturdy and is actually quite small at only 10cm by 3cm.  The batteries that very conveniently come with it are enough to power it for about 5 hours of heart breaking discoveries about your previously loved pet.

Using it

It’s a simple device, but it can be used for a number of different tasks.  As I believe I might have mentioned before, it can be used to detect dry pet urine (it glows under UV light), it can be used to detect fake bank notes since real notes have UV triggered watermarks and it can also be used as a fun toy to discover how UV interacts with white objects.

Blacklight showing UV triggered watermarks


Jokes aside now, this blacklight was very effective at helping me spot marks of dry urine around the house.  I spent a day walking around with the lights off scrubbing the floor and throwing things for the wash, so I believe it was very effective.  I also keep it handy just in case I sell something and need to check cash to avoid getting scammed.  So at it’s price, if you’re worried about getting scammed or are smelling an odd smell around the house, go ahead and purchase one.  You won’t regret it.

What do you think?